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Why Invstwise?

If you are thinking of investing in real estate and aren’t quite sure of how to navigate the fairly skewed marketplace that grants access to a limited few, Invstwise is for you. Unfortunately, this niche is crowded by sharks from large capital firms who deploy and dictate terms. There is also immense risk for common investors to recognize the scalability of projects, the credibility of builders, completion timelines, and misappropriation/ diversion of funds.

We want you to invest wisely...

With little to no protection from the government or judicial bodies to safeguard the interests of common investors, there is a bottleneck that prevails in the system. At Invstwise, our vision is to create opportunities for new investors and grant them the security and platform to grow their investments with us.

How Does It Work?

Seeking Out The Right Opportunities:
Seeking Out The Right Opportunities:

Depending on the appetite of our investors, we scout for opportunities that would make the most economic sense and lead to wealth creation. Our protocol sticks to a 35-38 checklist for us to commit ourselves to a particular project.

Analyzing The Opportunities:
Analyzing The Opportunities:

Our team of experts at Invstwise uses a holistic approach to assess each project. Our valuation experts work to evaluate the market by conducting thorough background checks, SWOT analysis, to ensure the credibility of said project. Our sales team works to analyze the sales dynamic, forces of demand and supply, pricing, and the scope of fixed returns in terms of rental and price appreciation.

Shortlisting The Opportunities:
Shortlisting The Opportunities:

Once the right projects are identified, our team of experts shortlists the most profitable and scalable opportunities that would interest our investors. Our due diligence allows us to deep dive into the creme de la creme of projects before they hit the market.


Once the team has shortlisted the best projects from the lot, we initiate negotiations with the owners keeping in mind the output we aim to generate from the project, the saleable output to the demand and supply forces, and prevailing prices in the current market, with the ability to foresee current and future competition.

Due Diligence:
Due Diligence:

At this stage, our team conducts a more detailed analysis in addition to the preliminary due diligence done before negotiations. This becomes imperative to safeguard all parties after establishing an understanding of the deal with the sellers. Our seasoned legal experts are then looped in to provide clarity on the title of the project, right from the search report to public notice, to partition. Once we are completely satisfied with the title, we further progress to the next step of signing the agreement and registration.

Agreement Signing & Registration:
Agreement Signing & Registration:

We form an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) for each of our projects along with the prospective investor to secure his interests. We oversee his interest till the T in terms of the first security of his investments which is protected against the project in question and return on his investment which is covered in black and white in this document. On completion of the project, the investor achieves his committed ROI and re-assigns/ transfers his shares to us (Invstwise) as per the agreement.

Project Completion:
Project Completion:

Our primary objective is to solely acquire projects that we can deliver within 12-18 months at the maximum.

Project Delay:
Project Delay:

This is predominately where our investor’s interests are completely safeguarded. As a policy, we do not begin work on a project without being completely funded from day zero. Only once we have a commitment in terms of earnest money which is also kept in escrow until we are 100% funded, do we proceed with any further. Should we look at a sole investor, who has the appetite and commitment to finance the entire project, he is completely protected as there are no more monies to be raised for the completion of the project. Furthermore, since this arrangement will happen in a staggered manner as per the cash flow statement that will be shared by our project management team, the investor need not provide all the investment on day one.


At our core, we believe in consistency and longevity. Our vision is to create an organization that is investor-friendly with returns that are balanced and achievable even in a competitive environment. The returns that we offer to our investors range from 18% to 30% with complete security. Our aim is to partner with the right investors who intend to grow their wealth with consistency and speed.

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About us

Comprised of a passionate workforce of dynamic specialists, at Spearhead’s core are four brothers Mr. Rafeeq Manji, Mr. Riyaz Manji, Mr. Amyn Manji, and Mr. Hussain Manji. Together, with a futuristic approach, Spearhead boasts of more than 25 years of collective exposure across IT Infrastructure & Communication, Real Estate Construction, Creative Media & Advertising, Lifestyle Services, Real Estate Broking, and IP Events. Using cutting-edge technology, path-breaking innovation, and a vision to be disruptors in their space, Spearhead pushes the envelope with each project. Years of expertise in the industry and exposure to some of the most revolutionary projects have enabled this legacy to shape-shift and continuously create value for its stakeholders. Two decades in the making, the company has been able to carve out a niche for itself and is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Just like the name suggests, we aim to be ahead of the times and spearhead business trends. The time to create is now!

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    Invstwise is a tech-enabled real estate investment platform that allows its patrons to access investment opportunities in a structured way to retail investors. This is usually made accessible to Ultra HNI’s and Investors who have access to these kinds of opportunities. The main objective is to offer investment opportunities where there are substantial returns at the lowest possible risk, along with quick exit/delivery.

    Invstwise removes the complexities involved in investing in real estate, making it easy for the retail investor to take advantage of one of the most stable investment options – real estate at the inception stage.

    Any Indian citizen or an NRI can invest with us. Investments from institutions are also accepted. Before proceeding with your investment, it is imperative that all standard regulations are followed. Please contact Invstwise at for any related queries.

    Note for NRI investors: NRI investors can only invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal savings bank account in India, however, your interest distributions and sale proceeds will be credited to your NRO account from where you can transfer it to your NRE account.
    Please speak to your banker for a more detailed understanding of your specific requirements.
    Transfer of foreign currency by NRIs is regulated by extant RBI and FEMA guidelines. Please reach out to us for more information on the same.

    You can join Invstwise by getting in touch with our team of experts on our website

    We encourage a diversified portfolio. So, yes, you can invest in more than one project across locations, asset types, and investment tenures.

    NRI investors can only invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal savings bank account in India, however, your interest distributions and sale proceeds will be credited to your NRO account from where you can transfer it to your NRE account. Please speak to your banker for a more detailed understanding of your specific requirements.

    We, at Invstwise, follow a rigorous regime of due diligence and financial modeling, combined with extensive data mining and market analysis to shortlist the best assets for investors.

    Our ownership structure is designed in such a way that ownership is not limited to a single person but is safeguarded by our company which abides by all the prescribed regulations, under the advisement of corporate law. Your ownership, governance, and compliance records are stored in public databases and in government records. Your investment remains absolutely secure.

    Yes, as with any investment model, real estate investment via Invstwise carries inherent risks including but limited to liquidity and potential loss of capital. Please consult your financial advisor before making any decision.

    The security and the privacy of all your data is our utmost priority. Invstwise is built keeping the best-in-class security and privacy features in mind. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

    REIT: It is a highly regulated trust fund that limits the expansion of innovative growth models.

    Invstwise: It is self-regulated, enabling expansion of the investment structures for investor requirements from balanced to income-generating assets.

    REIT: The Trustee is responsible for holding the assets of the REIT in a Trusteeship for the benefit of unitholders.

    Invstwise: Investors are co-owners of the SPV against the investment amount whereas Invstwise manages the project as per an Agreement between Invstwise and the SPV.

    REIT: With a minimum asset requirement of 500 Cr, the REIT has a limited number of properties that it can undertake.

    Invstwise: There is no minimum value that a project has to meet. Instead, the project is selected after rigorous due diligence and ascertaining the returns.

    REIT: Pricing is subject to stock market fluctuations as it is publicly listed

    Invstwise: Stable monthly income like traditional real estate investment. Not subject to stock market fluctuations

    REIT: At least 80% of investments made by a REIT need to be in commercial properties that can be rented out to generate income. The remaining assets of the trust (up to the 20% limit) can be held in the form of stocks, bonds, cash, or under-construction commercial project.

    Invstwise: All projects are shortlisted and filtered with a clear purpose of wealth creation for our investors within a certain timeline.

    REIT: Full valuation to be carried out at least once a year and half-yearly update of the same has to be carried out.

    Invstwise: Monthly tracking of rentals and distribution of payment Half-yearly valuation report live tracking of assets through analytics

    The minimum investment is 2 crores onwards. This may vary from opportunity to opportunity.

    Please get in touch with our experts to know more about investment price & limit.

    If for some reason a project doesn’t complete its funding target, any funds that have been committed by investors are safe in the SPV company where the asset is bought which will safeguard the interest of the Investor through the sale of the asset.

    We believe in 100% transparency in reporting. All project documents, agreements, tenancy details, title reports, due diligence reports, etc. will be available with our experts. Detailed monthly financials & status will be regularly updated on the RERA platform.

    No, Invstwise does not guarantee any returns. While yields on most opportunities listed on the website are known in advance, a risk that the yield will not be payable will always remain due to underlying real estate assets and leasing risk. Our presentations, information, and discussions only indicate projected returns. On the contrary, we advise potential investors to be wary of any scheme which provides guaranteed returns

    There are various risks associated with your investments such as liquidity, leasing, and market risk

    Invstwise does not guarantee any returns on the assets listed on our platform. However, from our experience, we have consistently seen our expected targeted returns to be within 15% and 30% IRR upto the completion of the project.

    Yes, there is an initial 6-month lock-in from the time the project is registered. You are free to sell your holdings thereafter. However, if you have an investment horizon of less than 3-5 years depending on the scale & size of the project, it is recommended to not invest with Invstwise or in real estate in general. Real Estate is ideal only for mid-long term investors.

    Your investment is completed when your committed investment is paid in full. Invstwise has a time frame of 60-90 days in which to ensure that the project receives complete funding.

    Properties will have an investment lifespan of 3-5 years to allow for the asset to appreciate. While an early exit is possible through our liquidity options, this could adversely affect the total return on your investment. Investors can choose to sell investments (after an initial 6 month lock-in period) through Invstwise’s Resale Market.

    Once the initial 6-month lock-in period is complete, you can exit your investment in four different ways.

    Asset Sale: While Invstwise provides a NAV (Net Asset Value), you can choose to sell at any price you wish.

    Rental Income: You can lease out your property for rental income to concierge services of InvstWise or any third party

    Invstwise, being your Asset Manager, will take care of all aspects regarding the asset.

    You’ll own Equity Shares and Debentures, proportionate to your investment, of the SPV which owns the project.

    You can view the performance of your investment on RERA Portal as well as through our experts.

    No, there will be no management fee charged to investors.

    For residents, as per the current income tax regulations, you will be paying two kinds of taxes:

    Capital Appreciation: Capital appreciation is subject to capital gain tax at applicable rates. The applicable tax rate would depend on the period for which the shares and debentures were held(short-term vs long-term).

    Short-term Capital Gain will be applicable if the shares and debentures are sold before 24 and 36 months respectively This will be taxed at the rate applicable for the investor.

    Long-term capital Gain will be applicable if the Shares & Debentures are held for more than 24 and 36 months respectively. It will be taxed at 20%, irrespective of the quantum of gains. The benefit of indexation may be explored in the case of long-term capital gains. (Holding Period > 2 years for shares and 3 years for Debentures). N.B. – Please consult your financial advisor for more details.

    NRI investors can only invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal savings bank account in India, however, your interest distributions and sale proceeds will be credited to your NRO account from where you can transfer it to your NRE account. Please speak to your banker for a more detailed understanding of your specific requirements

    Transfer of foreign currency by NRIs is regulated by extant RBI and FEMA guidelines. Please reach out to us for more information on the same

    All the standard documents that are needed to register as an investor, along with an NRE or NRO account number from a savings bank account in India.

    Under Indian income-tax law, an NRI is required to pay tax on any income earned or sourced in India. If the income in India exceeds the basic exemption limit, the NRI will have to pay taxes in India as per the applicable slab rates.

    Investments are structured as private limited companies. For each investment, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created in which funds are raised to purchase, own and manage the project. As an investor, you will own shares and compulsorily convertible debentures of the SPV that holds the project and represents your investment. Invstwise will provide asset management services to the SPV and undertake accounting, secretarial, reporting, and other operational aspects under contract with the SPV.

    A Special Purpose Vehicle is a legally recognized entity, being a Partnership firm, LLP, a private company, etc., incorporated for a specific lawful purpose. Any investments made for a particular opportunity listed on the Invstwise platform will be owned by an SPV being a private limited company that will be set up for this specific purpose.

    Invstwise undertakes the legal due diligence of the project title before the project is purchased by the SPV. All investment and project-related legal processes are handled by Invstwise. However, you are welcome to seek tax and legal advice from your advisors as well as to understand if this opportunity is best suited for you. If you do engage a legal resource, we will be happy to answer any questions they may have.

    You will be required to sign an Expression of Interest and Drawdown Notice before you remit your full investment. This is followed by the Offer Letter and, Share Securities Subscription Agreement with the SPV.

    The SPV also executes the Asset Management Agreement with Invstwise. At the time of resale of your holding in the SPV, you will be required to sign the securities transfer documentation as well.

    Invstwise has an experienced team that performs thorough technical and legal due diligence before buying any project. We engage reputed Tier-I law firms to conduct due diligence on the project title.

    Yes. All the asset-related documents including the Lease/RentalTenancy Agreement Deed or Leave & License Agreement will be shared with the investors.